Blue Book of Social Security

The Bluebook which is used by the Social Security Administration is a listing of debilitating impairments maintained by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The official title of the Blue Book is “Disability Evaluation Under Social Security.” The Blue Book details the particular requirements that applicants with a debilitating condition must meet in order to be qualified for Social Security disability benefits. To determine your eligibility, search the Blue Book for a specific disability or disabling condition.

While the web edition is constantly updated, the printed version was last printed in 2008. The book is separated into adult and kid sections that detail a variety of disabilities that are considered debilitating conditions. It contains general information, evidence requirements, and overviews of impairments. Numerous disabling medical disorders are included in the Blue Book and are covered by Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income.

What Impact Does the Blue Book Have on the Disability Claims Process?

The Blue Book lists a variety of debilitating conditions for which you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. These lists are intended to assist you in better understanding the material that you must submit with your disability claim in order to establish that you are totally disabled as defined by the SSA’s rigorous requirements.

Apart from these impairment categories, the Blue Book offers comprehensive information about the Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income programs, both of which provide disability benefits. Additionally, it discusses the procedure by which disability determination determinations are made.

While meeting the particular criteria for your disease does not guarantee you will be granted for benefits, it does demonstrate that you have had a debilitating condition long enough for the SSA to examine your claim.

When determining whether or not to award benefits, the SSA will consider the severity of your condition based on the proof you provide. For a claim to be successful, it is critical to understand the Blue Book listing and the expectations for benefit acceptance. The Blue Book criteria will assist you in determining what proof and documents you will need to support your claim and will increase your chances of approval.

The Blue Book’s Effect on Your Claim

The Blue Book contains extremely stringent criteria for debilitating conditions and the standards that must be satisfied in order to obtain Blue Book approval. The Blue Book is written in a very technical and complicated manner in order to appeal to medical and Social Security disability professionals rather than the general public.


Working with a physician or a disability attorney can help you increase your chances of receiving benefits since they are familiar with the technical criteria of each condition and can assist you in gathering the documentation necessary to support your claim. While acceptance is not guaranteed, if your condition satisfies the exact criteria outlined in the Blue Book, your chances of approval greatly enhance. This demonstrates that you do indeed have a debilitating condition that meets SSA criteria and has existed long enough to qualify for benefits.


If your application is denied, this information is helpful when appealing the denial and when pursuing a medical-vocational allowance in order to obtain monthly disability benefits approval. The Blue Book is extremely thorough in its description of requirements for various medical illnesses, so you will know if your condition satisfies the criteria for being classified incapacitated for that particular medical condition. Additionally, it indicates the tests that will be performed to validate the diagnosis and severity of your ailment. Here is some information about how the Blue Book can assist you with your claim.

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Due to the technical nature of the Blue Book, you should see your physician or a disability attorney for assistance in determining what it means in terms of disability criteria.

Due to the complexity and detail of the terminology, the majority of people who read the Blue Book may be perplexed by its content. It was developed with medical professionals and Social Security disability experts in mind, so that someone in that field may assist you with your claim and assist you in understanding the requirements established by the specific listing that meets the criteria for your medical condition.

Additionally, the professional who assists you can ensure that you obtain the necessary data and proof to substantiate your claim and demonstrate your disability.