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Claims Representative

Disability Claims Representatives are those who advocate on behalf of those seeking Social Security Disability payments. Typically, they are attorneys, paralegals, or other legal professionals who specialize in Social Security Disability matters. However, claims reps are not always attorneys specializing in disabilities.

You may choose anybody you wish as your Social Security Disability claims representative by alerting the Social Security Administration in writing of your intentions. However, claims representatives must be authorized and approved by the Social Security Administration in order to receive fees or other compensation for their services.

While you legally have the right to designate anybody you wish, the majority of Social Security claim agents are competent attorneys. The entire reason for choosing someone rather than handling your claim and appeals alone is that you require someone who is more versed with the Social Security Disability laws, regulations, and processes. As a result, it is appropriate to retain the services of a claims representative who specializes in Social Security Disability law.

Disability claims representatives will often charge you or their services only if your Social Security Disability claim is ultimately approved. Disability representatives are compensated based on a percentage of your back pay for their work on your claim. This proportion cannot exceed 25% of the back pay for which you are eligible. In the majority of circumstances, disability claims solicitors will not collect from you if your claim is denied during the appeals process. In any event, they must obtain approval from the SSA before to charging for their services.

In most circumstances, it is to your interest to retain the services of a competent claims representative. You are entitled to counsel by a disability claims representative at all stages of the claims process, from the time you declare your plan to file until the time you file in Federal Court, if necessary. Social Security claims representatives increase your chances of approval at each stage of the claims and appeals process because they are intimately versed with the Social Security Condition system’s workings and understand how to present evidence of your disability most effectively.