Field Office

Throughout the United States, the Social Security Administration maintains hundreds of Field Offices. Individuals can meet with Social Security representatives in a face-to-face environment at these neighborhood Field Offices.

The majority of Social Security Field Offices provide a comprehensive array of Social Security services. Applicants for Social Security Disability benefits can visit their local Social Security Field Office to apply for benefits, update benefit information, or receive assistance with applying for Medicare benefits. Additionally, Social Security Field Offices can assist Social Security Disability applicants in applying for additional assistance with the cost of prescription medications through Medicare’s Prescription Drug Program.

While many of the services available at a Social Security Field Office are available online, Field Offices are available for those who prefer to speak with a Social Security representative in person. While Social Security Field Offices are open to the public and do not require an appointment, there are times when an appointment is necessary, such as when submitting a disability claim.

When you file a claim for Social Security Disability payments, the Social Security Field Office is responsible for the initial phases of your claim’s processing. Representatives from this office will verify your non-medical qualifying requirements, such as your Social Security status and, if you are seeking for SSI, your income and resource information. After your Field Office verifies your non-medical eligibility, the office will forward your Social Security Disability case to the SSA’s DDS for consideration of your debilitating conditions.