Form 561

Every year, millions of people apply to the Social Security Administration for Social Security Disability benefits. Each year, nearly two-thirds of these applicants are refused assistance. If these applicants choose to continue receiving Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income, they must appeal the Social Security Administration’s denial of their Social Security Disability claim.

Typically, a Social Security Disability appeal involves two stages: a Request for Reconsideration and a disability hearing. While fewer than 20% of disability appeals are approved in the reconsideration stage, it is a requirement in most states that this step of appeals be completed before the applicant can request a disability hearing to be seen before an Administrative Law Judge.

Occasionally, Form 561 is used to recover overpayments for disability benefits. If a person receiving Social Security Disability payments is notified that an overpayment was made and the SSA is pursuing repayment, the disability recipient may submit Form 561 to request that the SSA contest the overpayment.

When filing for Social Security, a person must file Form 561 with their local Social Security office in order to submit a Request for Reconsideration to the Social Security Administration. You can obtain Form 561 online or at your local Social Security office. If you are appealing a rejection of SSD benefits and have retained the services of a Social Security Disability attorney, your attorney will file this form on your behalf.

Along with the Form 561, you should attach any proof that will assist you in proving your case (and the cause for your dispute) to the Social Security Administration.