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SSDI Application Process

In this discussion, we will talk about how to apply for Social Security Disability Income. We will answer some questions you might have. We will talk about what medical conditions might qualify you for disability income. We will address ways to apply and what information you need to start the application process. We will provide you with links to websites that you will find more information on and applications.

What Do I Need To Start The Application?

To apply for Social Security Disability Income there are several things that must be done. First and foremost is that you have the documentation that you are a United States Citizen and have the appropriate documents to prove that you are.

The next things are other identification items such as passport, valid driver’s license, and or US military identification. All or some of these items may be used for identifying who you are to begin the application process. The application can be filled out on the computer. If you don’t have a computer then you can call and ask for a paper application. Or go to a library to access free computer usage there. Just make sure to log out so that your sensitive information isn’t jeopardized.

Next, you will need to gather all the names, addresses, and phone numbers of doctors, radiologists, pharmacies, nurses, and emergency departments you have visited for the disability you are applying for. It is important to include dates of treatment and diagnosis or recommended treatment and referrals for this disability. Go back to the very first visit you had about this disability and continue to the present day. Most recent visits and referrals are especially important for the application process. There will be specific places to enter this information on the application. A list of all current medications will be requested as well.

If you have multiple medical conditions please list those in the appropriate section with specific times that they started and the medicine used for each. Giving as much detail as possible and filling out each and every place on the application is very important to the application processing department. They need to know what it is like in your life. They need to know what is going on and why you are applying for Social Security Disability Income.

Where Do I Find An Application?

Most times applying online will be easier. It will be saved if you need to continue it later. You will have plenty of time and there will be detailed instructions on what to put in each section of the application. Again, using your own computer will be ideal but if you need to use the library it is available for you to use.

Here you will find a great deal of information. There is a calculator for how much you may expect to receive for retirement and for disability. Your determination will be based on your work history and how many years of work history there is. You need to create an account to get started and follow the instructions on how to do so. DO NOT give anyone your password information unless you have an authorized person to help you with the application process. This can be a caregiver, your spouse, an adult child, or sibling.

Anyone who you designate as your authorized person to assist you with your health care. If you cannot access the website then you can ask for a paper copy and fill it out and mail it in or drop it off at the nearest Social Security office that is next to you. The website will be able to locate the address of the nearest one to you. They will process it for you as well. Then they will contact you if they need more information. If you have done the online registration you will be able to track the progress of the application and see what stage it is in.

How Do I Gather The Medical Information I Need?

There are several ways you can do this. You can start by talking with your primary doctor about what your medical condition is that keeps you from working. Social Security Disability Income is a substitute for not being able to go out in the workforce. Discuss why the medical condition keeps you from doing daily activities and getting to work.

Getting a job and keeping it is not the same thing and should be discussed as well. Pretty much anyone can get a job but when we have disabilities we may start missing work, using all of our sick time and vacation time, calling in late, leaving early, eventually, quitting or getting fired because of these things. Or the mere fact that our medical condition will not allow us to perform as we once did.

The job we did before the disabling medical condition started cannot be done now and when you find that there isn’t any job that you can do is when you need to talk with your doctor about disability. The doctor will have knowledge of your condition and will either tell you that you do have the ability to work if you do a few things different and then if that doesn’t work then apply. Or they will say yes it is time to file an application. The doctor does not make the decision whether you get it or not.

All that they can do is provide medical information and findings of the condition that prevents you from doing any activity. Once it is determined that the doctor is ready to recommend you for disability then you can begin the application process. All you need is the doctor’s name, address, and phone number and the condition that is the main reason you are applying. Social Security will contact them if they need further information.

What Is A Medical Condition That Is Considered Disabling?

Any condition that prevents you from being able to perform daily activities or work is considered a disabling medical condition. There are some that are more severe than others. Some that are more obvious than others. Some that are less obvious than others but can still be debilitating. https://socialsecurityofficenear.me/social-security-disability/. Those that are life-threatening or terminal are approved immediately with doctor recommendation. The conditions that are debilitating but you can still function with normal daily activity are the ones that need to be evaluated.

Do I Need An Attorney?

Mental health is a difficult area to get approval in that it is hard for determination. This is where you may need to contact an attorney. Most attorney’s who specialize in social security applications will do it on a contingency basis which means they do it for free if you are awarded social security. The reason for an attorney is to do most of the work for you and act on your behalf. This sometimes brings a more positive result. It is up to you to retain an attorney for this purpose. You will have to research it and make that decision.

The application process for Social Security Disability Income is a process that will take some time to prepare for and do. If you have a disability though it is worth the time and effort to apply. You are not able to work and this income is what you need to have. Go through the website listed above and do the calculators and look at the lists of the conditions that may qualify you for disability income.