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How To Reduce The Waiting Period For A Social Security Disability Decision

Be Mindful

Unfortunately, no one knows the exact date and time of when the Social Security Administration will make a decision on your Social Security disability claim. However, applicants typically see wait times of 2 months to a year. The application process can extend even more if your case undergoes reconsideration evaluations and appeal hearings. So while there’s nothing that you can do to know the exact time that you’ll wait, there are things you can do to help the SSA make a decision on your claim more quickly.

Provide Sufficient Documentation In Your Claim

The first step you can do is provide substantial medical records and other documentation. Substantial and relevant medical records help the SSA evaluate your disabling condition and how it affects your ability to work. If the SSA finds that your medical documentation is sufficient and accurate, they won’t need to extend the duration of the application process by making requests for additional information regarding your condition. As a result, they can move on quicker which means your decision wait time will be reduced.

Promptly Respond To Any Requests From The SSA

Sometimes you don’t account for every possible piece of information in your disability claim, and while you may not see something as necessary, the SSA may ask you to submit additional information regarding your medical records or other documentation. So if the SSA asks you to send more information about how your disability affects your everyday life or requests you submit a specialist’s evaluation of your condition, then immediately respond and comply so the SSA can get back to reviewing your claim. Preventing setbacks helps the SSA focus on making their decision instead of worrying about missing documentation.

Communicate With The SSA

If you recently moved or bought a new phone, notify the SSA as soon as possible so you can update your contact information. If you don’t immediately update your information, the SSA could potentially send requests or even your claim decision to the wrong address or phone number, and if you’re unable to comply with their requests, they could dismiss your claim.

Go To Your Consultative Exam

It’s common for the SSA to request that you be examined by a physician or psychologist that’s hired by the SSA. This is known as a consultative exam, if you’ve been requested to attend one, do not miss it. If you don’t go the exam, you will directly delay the application process, and the SSA may even dismiss your disability claim completely.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

There’s no shame or harm involved with asking for help on your Social Security disability application or any additional forms for that matter. It’s always recommended that you speak with a professional Social Security disability attorney who can help guide you through the application process, help you gather necessary documents, and strengthen your claim to give you the best chance of being approved for Social Security disability benefits. If your application has glaring errors, your decision could be substantially delayed or even dismissed, so it’s critical that you make sure everything is in order before applying.

This Process Takes Time

Yes, there are steps you can do to help reduce the wait time for your decision, but always remember that the application process is notoriously lengthy and how long it takes for the SSA to decide on your claim ultimately is not up to you to influence. It’s a process that commonly experiences delays; be patient, and eventually, you will be approved for benefits if you really are disabled.