Base Years

The base years are the years during which an individual worked for the purpose of calculating Social Security payments. All years following 1950 are considered base years, up to (but not including) the year in which a person becomes eligible for disability compensation. The SSA may include both the year a person became eligible for benefits and any subsequent years if doing so results in a greater benefit amount.

Your base years have a direct impact on the amount of monthly Social Security Disability benefits you can get. The computation years will be the years in which you made the most income. Each base year’s income calculation is restricted at $106,800. If you earn more than that amount during a base year, only $106,800 of that year’s income will be used when calculating your Social Security Disability benefits.

Years for computation will be derived from your base years. Your average index monthly earnings are calculated by dividing your total profits during these years by the number of months in those years. This calculation establishes the monthly benefit amount to which you are eligible.