Payment Dates

Social Security calculates payment dates based on the birthday of the individual receiving the benefit payment. As a result, if you are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits as a result of a disability, your payment date is determined by your own birthdate. However, in the case of a spouse receiving survivor’s benefits, the payment date will be determined by the deceased individual’s birth date, on the basis of whose employment record the benefit payments are made.

If the beneficiary’s birthday falls between the first and tenth days of the month, rewards will be paid on the second Wednesday of the month. If the birthday falls between the 11th and the 20th of the month, rewards are paid on the third Wednesday of the month. Finally, if your birthday comes between the 21st and 31st of the month, you will receive benefits on the fourth Wednesday of the month. If your payment date falls on a Federal holiday, the Social Security Administration will process your payment on the next non-holiday previous day.

The date on which you receive benefits has no bearing on their amount, and the date on which you will begin receiving Social Security Disability payments is stated in your award notice.

Social Security Disability benefits are accrued monthly. This means that the monthly payment you get is equal to the total amount of benefits owed for the preceding month. For instance, the February Social Security Disability check will reflect the total benefit amount accrued and owing for the preceding January.

Allow three days after your payment date before contacting Social Security to report non-receipt of your payment. However, because the majority of Social Security Disability payments are made via direct deposit, it is uncommon for a payment to be made late. Another method of payment is through the Direct Express® card program, which credits payments immediately to a swipe-able card. An Electronic Transfer Account is a third option that uses your Social Security Disability benefits to make automatic payments on your behalf.

Social Security maintains an online calendar of payment dates at