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Redetermination Review

What is a Review of Redetermination?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is only provided to individuals experiencing extreme financial hardship. This implies that if your income or assets change, you may lose your SSI eligibility. A redetermination review is an annual assessment of all your assets and income to determine if you remain eligible for SSI benefits.

How Can I Prepare for My Review of Redetermination?

If you receive notification that you will be subject to a redetermination review, you should gather any saved tax stubs or invoices. Additionally, you should keep track of any financial transactions, such as retirement benefits, workers’ compensation, child support, or other types of financial assistance.

You may submit your reconsideration request via mail, telephone, or in person at your nearest SSA office. As long as you are not employed or married to an employee, you should be allowed to retain your SSI benefits. If you do not reply to a request for redetermination, you risk receiving an overpayment or perhaps losing your benefits.

Obtaining Legal Assistance

If you currently haven’t applied for SSI benefits, you should contact a Social Security representative or an attorney for assistance. He or she can assess the income of your household and determine whether you may be eligible for SSI assistance. Attorneys are compensated on a contingency basis, which means they will not be compensated unless and until your SSI petition is successful.