Skilled Work

Skilled employment is defined as job that requires a significant level of specialized vocational training. In general, skilled labor needs you to make choices about the procedures or machines that will be employed to execute tasks. Other skilled occupations demand interaction with others (such as sales or management experience) or education beyond the high school level.

If you have performed skilled labor, you have an uphill battle when applying for disability benefits, as you are much more likely to possess job skills that translate to less physically demanding professions. As long as the Social Security Administration determines that you are capable of performing any previous work, your Social Security Disability claim will almost certainly be refused. It will then be up to you to demonstrate that you are genuinely incapable of undertaking gainful job during the appeals procedure.

It’s usually a good idea to have a Social Security Disability lawyer or agent handle your claim, but this is especially true if you’ve worked in skilled labor. A knowledgeable Social Security Disability attorney will understand the kind of skilled job that the SSA is likely to assert you are capable of performing and may be able to allay an adjudicator’s fears before your claim or appeal is refused.

Having completed skilled job does not automatically qualify you for Social Security Disability benefits if you are unable to perform the skilled employment you previously performed. If you are physically capable of performing any available work, whether skilled or unskilled, your Social Security Disability claim may be dismissed. Having a Social Security Disability attorney who understands the criteria used by the SSA to decide whether you are capable of performing gainful work can make all the difference in whether your claim is approved or denied.