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Benefit Verification Letter

Individuals who receive Social Security Disability payments may be required to submit verification of their benefits. If this occurs, the claimant must request a “benefit verification letter” from the Social Security Administration. The benefit verification letter may sometimes be referred to as a budget letter, a benefits letter, along with other things. A benefit verification letter is also referred to as an evidence of award letter.

This letter may be used to establish the following:

  • When someone applies for a mortgage or even a loan, income is required.
  • Income eligible for state or local assistance
  • Compensation for subsidized housing Medicare coverage
  • Status of retirement; disability; and/or age.

By creating a “My Social Security Account,” you can see your benefit verification letter online at the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) website. Additionally, you may request a copy via telephone. When obtaining your benefit verification letter, you have the option of specifying which information you want included and which information you want omitted.