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Social Security Disability Overview

The disability programs for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income are the largest of several federal programs that help persons with disabilities. While these two programs can be differentiated in many ways, they are both administered by the Social Security Administration, and only people with disabilities who meet medical criteria are eligible for benefits.

If you are “covered,” which means you worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes, Social Security Disability Insurance gives benefits to you and certain members of your family.

Supplemental Insurance Benefits are paid depending on financial necessity.

The Social Security Administration will collect medical and other information from you when you apply for either program so that we can determine whether you fulfill Social Security’s definition of disability. We’ll require new information regarding your condition on a regular basis. A Disability Update Report may be sent to you (SSA-455). This form is now available to fill out online.

Learn about which programs may be able to give you benefits with the Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool found on the SSA’s website.

If your application for disability payments has just been denied, the Internet Appeal is a good place to start requesting a reconsideration of our decision.

If you’re interested in seeing you might qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits, we offer a free evaluation form that is looked over by profession Social Security Disability attorneys that will let you know if you qualify.